Gastronomical Heritage of
Prehispanic Traditions


In Mexico, tamales were traditional ancient main dishes, even before the Europeans discovered the country. The word "tamal" came from the Aztec word  “tamallii (tuh-MAH-lee)”.
​ The Spanish culture blended with this prehispanic tradition and with the addition of new ingredients and spices, the Gourmet Tamales were born. We continue this tradition with Grandma’s Acclaimed Centennial Recipes. Marcela used to prepare tamales with her since she was 5 years old. The inspiration of this tradition led Marcela to pursue a Batchelor's degree in Food Engineering and later a PhD in Food Science & Engineering. Now we bring this Gastronomical Heritage of Prehispanic Traditions to your table, lard free, trans and hydrogenated fat free.

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